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SEO-Friendly Code: Getting Under the Hood

It is important to build a website with SEO-friendly code in mind. Search engines are constantly crawling the web and interpreting page content.60 What they see is not always what you see. There are many technical elements involved in SEO that contribute to your website’s ranking success.

Your content must be indexable, and your website’s link structures should be crawlable. Keywords are especially critical. You need to know which ones are most important and how to naturally weave them into your site and page content.

Technical SEO has evolved into its own genre of website coding. Unfortunately, some aspects of SEO will be out of reach for many entrepreneurs. Most businesses are going to need outside help to get a fully optimized website. While you might not know how to implement all of the recommended SEO coding tweaks for your site, we can still show what they are. Moz publishes the Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet,61 which is a fantastic resource for SEO-friendly website development:

This cheat sheet is a notoriously useful tool for marketers and SEO experts alike. It clearly outlines what is important today and what has changed from previous versions.

On the first page of this guide, Moz outlines important HTML elements, HTTP status codes, canonicalization, and URL best practices. Page two is dedicated to Robot control syntax, important user agents, sitemap syntax, and pagination. Page three contains your social meta-data updates, rich snippets, and structured data inclusions. The final page outlines how you should target multiple languages and mobile web development. In 2015, the cheat sheet was updated with more than 100 changes. The user agent, social meta-data, and mobile web development sections were all updated with new information that designers and Internet marketers should know.

The largest change dealt with improving SEO with Structured Data and Schema markup.62 This is a powerful form of SEO coding that is scarcely used, even by seasoned experts. Schema markup is part of your website code. It helps search engines return more informative results — and often extra information—for their users.

If you have ever seen rich snippets (and believe us, you have), you would have a better idea of how structured data and schema affect search results. A rich snippet is extra information you see in a search result, such as star ratings or event times. Structured data tells the search engine what your data means, not just what it says — therein lies the power. Adding the right schema markup to a web page defines the types of data elements on that page. The more a search engine understands about the context of your content, the more confidence it has to rank and display extra information about your website within its search results.

It also helps your search result stand out, improves your site’s click- through-rate, and is likely to become a direct SEO ranking factor.63

For more information on structured data and schema, check out this blog post:

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