Friday, August 3, 2018

FB Jam overview

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Tap Into User Experience Signals

Great user experience has VERY powerful direct and indirect SEO benefits.
The direct benefit comes from the fact that Google measures things like “short clicks vs.
long clicks” (in other words, how much time someone spends on a page in Google’s search results before hitting the “back” button).
As you might imagine, the longer people stay on your page, the better.
On the other hand, people that pogo stick from your site back to the search results send
a strong message to Google that says: “This result doesn’t seem to be helpful, better
push them further down the page”.
The indirect benefit is simply that people that enjoy their time on your site are more
likely to link to it.
So what can you do to make people stick on your site like super glue?
Here are a few actionable strategies that can help you maximize user experience for
SEO and conversions:
Make the first few sentences REALLY short:
Research shows that people prefer to read short sentences online. People also don’t
like wide blocks of text that spread from one end of the screen to the other.
That’s why you want to make the first few sentences of every article and landing page
on your site super, super short.
Also, crunch those first 5-10 sentences between huge margins so that people’s eyes
don’t have to dart back and forth as far.
I do this for every post on my site:
The easiest way to generate this effect for your site is to add an image to the top of
every page that’s aligned to the right of the first paragraph.
Create multimedia experiences:
Text-only content is soooo 2005.
Today, you need to step your content game up to include video, audio, diagrams,
charts, interactive media, quizzes, games and infographics.
When you have quality multimedia on your site, you satisfy a larger chunk of the people
that are visiting your site from Google. People that like video sit back and watch your
YouTube clip.
Users that like to read enjoy skimming blog posts. And audio junkies love to listen to your
In fact,
Moz discovered that content with 3 types of media tended to attract more

And a Google Quality Guidelines document told human reviewers to consider pages
with “supplementary content” (in the form of calculators, downloads and diagrams)
higher quality search results than text-only pages.
In short, using multimedia on high priority pages is worth the extra effort.
Use H Tag Subheadings:
If you’re publishing long content (and if you’re not, you should be), you want to use lots
and lots of subheaders to break up your content.
Nothing hurts user experience metrics worse than a mile-long, subheader-free page.
Also sprinkle in related words and phrases into your subheaders as H2 and H3 tags.
This will give you a small-yet-significant on-page SEO boost.
A good rule of thumb is to include at least one subheader for every 200-words of content.
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