Saturday, August 4, 2018

FB Jam review

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Treat Your Website as an Investment

As an entrepreneur, the onus is on you. Business owners must view websites as an investment and not an expense or a cost of doing business. Rather than price-shopping web-design services, website solutions need to be procured and maintained like any other revenue generating asset. Business owners need to emphasize both SEO and design to get a modern, functional website. And they need to do it by working with a company that honors both.

If you are looking for new web designer or for help identifying web development companies that understand inbound marketing and search engine optimization, consider reading the eBook How to Hire A Web Designer: And Not Get Burned By Another Agency. It includes questions to ask, red flags to avoid, what you should pay for a new website, and everything you need to look at “under the hood” of a web design agency. Request a free PDF copy here:

Responsibility also lies with web design firms. If you are a web designer, discussing the project’s ROI should be priority number one. Don’t brush off SEO, as it will come back to haunt you.

Unfortunately, there are still many digital agencies that operate according to their own self-interest, even if it goes against the best interests of their clients. They have always built design-driven websites, and they have to keep business rolling in. Change is the most difficult for these kinds of agencies.

At the end of the day, businesses need websites that give Google what it needs to rank them and ideal customers what they want to see to choose them. Managing this balance is the key to web design. Web designers and SEO pros need to come together to create truly SEO-friendly websites.

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