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Red Flags When Hiring an SEO Company

The last piece of advice you need is the ability to spot a fraudulent or unqualified company when you come across one. There are many bad SEO agencies out there. You may believe that you are getting a great deal, and you may even believe you have found a needle-in-the-haystack provider — but make sure to look out for the following red flags.

The location of your SEO firm is an issue. Of course, there are excellent SEO companies located all over the world. Unfortunately, many small businesses have run into trouble with offshore SEO service providers. And if a problem occurs, you have very little recourse. A reputable local (or at least domestic) company is less likely to disappear with your money, violate your contract, or risk using prohibited SEO techniques on your website.

Providers in other countries can sever ties, leaving you with a big mess.124 You may find your website banned by Google with no support to fix it, because the offshore SEO company has suddenly vanished and will not return your calls. It’s best to make sure that your SEO company is local and that they are transparent about who will be working on your account.

Another red flag to look out for is being “handed off.” The moment you have signed the contracts, you suddenly find yourself dealing with a new person — a junior in the company. The old bait and switch scam is as much a problem in SEO as it is in other service industries that have been around forever; do not fall for it or turn a blind eye if it happens to you.

As we have emphasized, SEO is a talent-based service, and you won’t get the results you want if a trainee is suddenly managing your account. No one likes being fobbed off onto junior, less experienced staff members who are learning the business on your dime. It will slow down your progress and may even result in a botched campaign. You have to head this off at the pass.

The same can be said about outsourcing. It is a major red flag if your SEO firm is outsourcing any form of link building. SEO requires a variety of third-party tools and services to get the best results, but you are entitled to know which services are being used.

You should always be able to cancel your SEO service contract after some kind of initial term, perhaps after 3-6 months. Many SEO agencies will allow you to cancel anytime with 30 days written notice right from the start. Companies that want to lock you down with long-term contracts are just in it for the money. More importantly, there is less motivation to deliver good service every month when a long-term service contract is in place.

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