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use mobiles less than second world markets India China etc

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We can’t disprove the idea that a keyword-stuffed title can enable you to rank for a wide variety of terms, but we can conclusively say that the top performers on Amazon do not appear to be widely using that tactic. Instead, they seem to have a slight bias towards the shorter product title that’s better suited for the click through rate (CTR).

As such, using core keywords in a product title whilst optimising for CTR is recommended.


  1. Optimise your title for mobile first and PC second.
  1. Only two products show on page 1 (above the fold) of a mobile search.
  1. The default category is “all”.
  1. It is hard to get to your description on mobiles.
  1. Aim for around 70 characters in your title.
  1. If you rank as position one on the PC, there is a 90% probability that you’ll also be in position one on a mobile and on the app.
  1. First world markets (US, California, Germany, UK, etc.) use mobiles less than second world markets (India, China, etc.).

Module Twenty-Two
Off-Page SEO

This is the final module of this book and the content has the potential to make you a lot of money. We will be showing you a new way to think about e-commerce and making money online from SEO on Google.

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