Thursday, January 24, 2019

Then it will format the drive to get it ready to install windows on

Then It Will Format The Drive To Get It Ready To Install Windows On

Figure 2.3

Next you will check the box that says you accept the license terms that are listed. Most people don’t read them, but you can if you are feeling up to it!

The next window is where you will have to make a choice based on what type of installation you are doing (figure 2.4). Since we are doing a clean installation, we will pick the second option that says Custom: Install Windows only (advanced). You will notice in the description that it says that your files, settings, and applications will not be moved to Windows with this option, so make sure you back up your files!


When installing a clean version of Windows on your existing computer another thing to remember is that you will need to reinstall any programs that don’t come with Windows, so make sure you have your installation media for your software.

Figure 2.4

The next section is where you will need to choose what hard drive you are going to install Windows 10 on, as well as how much of the hard drive you are going to use (figure 2.5). If you click on Next, it will use the selected hard drive and create a partition using all of the space on the drive. Then it will format the drive to get it ready to install Windows on.